Breastfeeding Positions and Latch on

The first step to good breastfeeding positions and latch and is getting mommy ready FIRST.

Yes, we tend to forget about ourselves and totally focus on the baby, but getting yourself in a good position is imperative. So, the first step in positioning for breastfeeding is positioning mom correctly.

Make sure mom:

Has Good posture Sitting upright or lying on side

Is Comfortable - starting out uncomfortable is not good

Well-supported with pillows (pillows are usually more manageable than a nursing pillow in the first 24 hours)

Lap flat or slightly elevated

Cups breast with fingers OFF areola

Using a nursing pillow can be helpful but is not mandatory. I used one the first few weeks only. Learn more about nursing pillows here.

What is the old saying, "a picture is worth a 1000 words". Well in this case, I could type until my hands fall off explaining how to position and latching your baby on but what works better? Seeing it. So here are some helpful video links .

Now we look at baby

Tummy to tummy or Chest to breast

Ear, shoulder, & hip aligned

At breast level, nipple to nose

Body slightly flexed with head relaxed slightly backwards (drinking position)

Body supported on pillows and by mother

Mother supports infant’s neck, base of head, shoulder girdle Now another video to reinforce this:

As shown in the video the most used breastfeeding positions are: side lying (my favorite by far), cradle hold, cross cradle hold and the football hold. Gaining popularity (lol) is the biological nursing position where the mom leans back and baby lies on her tummy to nurse parallel with her body.

Signs of a GOOD latch

Signs of a BAD latch

Here is a great video to help teach you everything you need to know to get ready to breastfeed:

Bad position can equal breast injury. Breast injury can equal mommy wanting to quit. This is why it is so important to get it right from the start.

Tips on breastfeeding multiples: twins

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