Breastfeeding Information

This page has links to all the breastfeeding information you could ever desire.  I've authored over 400 articles and most are accessible through this page. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please use the SEARCH THIS SITE button on the left navigation bar. And if you still require further assistance, please use the ASK LIZ page to schedule a consultation with Liz Pevytoe RN, IBCLC

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Why Breastfeed? This article discusses the advantages of breastfeeding

Breastfeeding Problems: this article discusses breastfeedings Frequently asked Questions

Preparation for breastfeeding, What you need to do to prepare for nursing your little one.

Latch on and Positioning: how to's for the first few days.

Best Breastpumps: they are NOT created equal and this article shows you the best 3 breast pumps on the market

Bra's and clothing: this article discusses what is needed and not.

Work and Breastfeeding:  tips and tricks on how to juggle both

Weaning: tips on how to stop breastfeeding

Articles: read some guest blog articles

Breastfeeding Interviews: my interviews with breastfeeding experts

Breastfeeding Friendly and Unfriendly: come find out where moms have had both good and bad experiences nursing in public

Breastfeeding Stories : come laugh and be encouraged by real breastfeeding stories written by real breastfeeding mommies.

Newborn quotes and poems: a fun page for inspiration

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Still have questions about breastfeeding? I'd love to help you. I am available in person in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex area for consultations. Book an appointment with me today.  I am also available worldwide for online lactation consultations via phone, skype or email. Go to the ASK Liz page for more information.

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