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Readers are likely tired of hearing my voice, well maybe not BUT I would love to have some others opinions and stories featured here for the world to hear.

Articles must be on the topic of breastfeeding. Writers need not be nurses, lactation consultants , anyone with breastfeeding experience is acceptable.

Hot topics include but are not limited to: adoptive breastfeeding, using a supplementer, low milk supply, partial breastfeeding, using galactogogues, weaning, finding breastfeeding help, la leche league experiences, breastfeeding amenorrhea, nighttime nursing, reverse cycling, power pumping, working and breastfeeding and more! I am also looking for writers to submit reviews of breastfeeding products such as nursing pillows, breastpumps, bras, etc.

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Submission Guidelines

1. Articles must be original. Cannot be something previously published anywhere on the web.

2. Articles must be a minimum of 400 words.

3. Must use proper English, articles requiring much editing will be rejected.

4. Please provide a short “bio” with your submission (at the start or end of the article) telling readers “about you”. May include a link to your blog/website. (link exchange appreciated)

5. You MUST fill out your email for notification of submission via email (second page of submission)

Article will be promoted on my rss feed, twitter and facebook.

Submitting an article here will surely help to grow your own readership and traffic. It’s a win/win. I look forward to reading your article. Please allow up to 2 weeks for review of submissions. If after 2 weeks your article has not been published, then it was likely rejected for not following submission guidelines or not being on topic. If you want notification when your article is published, fill out the notification portion when you submit your article.

If you would like for me to write an article for your site or blog, please send me an email via my contact me form on the left navigation bar.

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Every August, we take a step back and remind ourselves of what babies really need: You. Your nurturing, your heartbeat, your voice and warmth and, yes, …

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