Nursing Bras and Clothing

My story about nursing bras and clothing:
Prior to becoming pregnant, my breasts were a small C cup. Not something I ever really thought about. I considered my breasts to be average, not noticeable at all. Then I got pregnant and everything changed....
By the end of my pregnancy I was a D cup and a full D cup. Suddenly I noticed my breasts were everywhere. I had a full cleavage. They were hot and sweaty and my bra straps suddenly pinched me all day. Then a friend suggested I buy a nursing bra. I went to Walmart as I had always done before for my bras and guess what they had one hideous style for nursing bras. So I went online to search and became overwhelmed. I called the friend who sent me to a maternity store and they were a godsend. They measured me and directed me to several pretty nursing bras.

Breastfeeding Bras

If you have to choose just one (click here to see my 5 favorites), go with a sleep bra and NEVER EVER NEVER use one with an underwire, NEVER. Finding a good fitting nursing bra (click here to go to more details on bra fitting) can be intimidating, but I hope this information will put you at ease.

These pads will help prevent leaks when your milk comes in.

Nursing Tanks and Breastfeeding Tops

Also, consider buying some nursing clothing: nursing tops, nursing tanks, nursing sleepwear and gowns; they will all help to make nursing more convenient.

The last item of outwear business is nursing covers. These cover ups make public breastfeeding possible for you modest moms. With my first daughter I always had a cover on, but by the time #2 came along, I proudly nursed her everywhere I went with no cover. Guess my inner LACTIVIST came out during my IBCLC training. Who knows?

I do recommend that you buy your nursing bras and pads BEFORE the baby gets here.

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