Work and breastfeeding

Are work and breastfeeding two things that can happen at the same time?
Not only is is possible, it is preferable.
Before I continue with this article, I would like to plug this great book. It is a funny read, with lots of helpful tips on working and breastfeeding:

Now onto my article about breastfeeding in the workplace:
Breastfed babies are sick less often which will result in you missing less work/school. Which will cost you and your employer LESS money.
It may be time consuming but in the long run, it will save you valuable time. Time pumping means less time at the doctor or home with a sick child.

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Success at working and pumping is all about perspective. Do you have to pump every 2-3 hours. Yes, if you want to provide your baby with 100% breastmilk and no supplements. But no, if you willing to supplement with some formula. It does not have to be all or nothing. Partial breastfeeding is possible, click here for more info.

Click Here for some steps to prepare for returning to work.

Next, You must take a look at your work schedule and come up up with a pump plan.

Having the right breastpump can be the difference in success or failure. Here I have a list of pumps that make the grade. I only recommend 3 brands of pumps. The reason I am confident in recommending these 3 is because they have a proven track record of efficiency.
Simple. Read my review, read others reviews, and make the decision yourself.
Find support is a very important factor. Find a friend, a website or a lactation consultant that can help you.
Breastfeeding and pumping. A very common question is how to keep your milk supply up at work. The answer is discussed in What about low milk supply? Click here

Top 10 Pumping Tips

Work and breastfeeding is possible. The key to the whole thing is you not quitting. Pump every 3 hours or pump every 8 hours, as much breastmilk for as long as you can will benefit your baby.

Thinking of starting breastfeeding again AFTER formula feeding for a while? Have questions about your body? IE: periods, contraception, click here

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