Breastfeeding Videos

Although there are many breastfeeding videos out there, a few do a much better job of educating you on what matters than they others.

Yes, there are some "best-sellers" but not all are created equal. I am VERY picky about what I recommend to my clients.

Here are my two favorites and descriptions of each:


Simply Breastfeeding

Simply Breastfeeding by Shari Criso MSN, CNM, IBCLC

Breastfeeding is simple, but it is not always easy. Simply Breastfeeding is a powerful program that teaches you what you need to know in order to have the knowledge and confidence to sucessfully breastfeed your baby. The information is designed for the needs of today's modern mom. The class is taught by Shari Criso, a Certified Nurse Midwife, Board Certified Lactation Consultant and breastfeeding mother of two. It is presented in a current,easy to follow and practical way with methods never seen before. This inspirational and empowering class will prepare you to reach your breastfeeding goals! The Simply Breastfeeding DVD puts you in the front row of a real breastfeeding class led by Shari Criso MSN, CNM, IBCLC, filmed with a live audience of expectant parents. Included is live footage of a real breastfeeding baby, demonstrating different positions, close ups of proper latch on to the breast, and sounds of the baby swallowing! This second edition of the DVD program runs approximately 90 minutes in length and has been updated with streamlined content presented in High Definition.

What you will learn: Shari's presentation begins with the benefits that breastfeeding provides to both you and your baby. You will understand why breastfeeding is so important and be eager to make it a part of your life. From there, Shari provides a no-nonsense, step-by-step guide including everything you need to breastfeed successfully, from avoiding pain and finding the right latch to making sure that baby is getting enough to eat.

Breastfeeding: How To

Breastfeeding: How To by Real Families

Winner of seven prestigious awards, this program shows new parents how to handle the awkwardness and newness of newborn and early breastfeeding and continues on through older, more experienced babies. A special 5-minute section is devoted to showing dads how they can provide support.Produced in partnership with the Association of Women s Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN), a leading professional medical organization.Chapters include:

* How breastfeeding works* Early introduction to the breast* Feeding cues* Positioning at breast* Latching on* Length & frequency of feedings* Breaking suction* How to know a baby is getting enough* Maternal nutrition and rest* Tips for tough times* How dads can help* Additional support resourceThis program is licensed only for private, in-home viewing. Use of this program in an educational or classroom setting is strictly prohibited.

I hope one of these two breast feeding videos meets your needs

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