The First 2 Weeks: a story of survival

My first 2 weeks breastfeeding story. The birth of my first daughter was tough. But the moment she was placed at my breast she went right on with little intervention from me. Breastfeeding was simple in those first few days at the hospital. Then we went home.....

My second daughter, was not so easy. She had difficulty latching properly and we did not have a good rhythm going at discharge from the hospital. Both kids were different. But one thing was the same: the first two weeks were an EXTREME challenge. Sleeping over 2 hours at a time was a thing of the past and it took its toll on me.

So rather than allowing it to "hit you like a ton of bricks", as it did me, here I will lay out what to expect those first 14 days. Day by day, even hour by hour on some. These articles will help you to get through feeding newborns with ease.

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What are Normal Infant Developmental Milestones?

Vaginal vs. C-section: how the mode of delivery will affect breastfeeding.

The first feed after delivery

Read about the importance of skin to skin contact during those first 24 hours here: Kangaroo Care

Hours 4-24 after birth

Hours 24-72 after birth

Breastfeeding Log for the first 7 days

Days 2-10

Days 10-14

Breastfeeding Survival Tips The first few weeks of breastfeeding can indeed be some of the toughest weeks of your life. Breastfeeding is not easy, and if someone tells you it is, well, its just not true. Perhaps the actual act of nursing is simple for some but waking 8-12 times a day to nurse your little one is fatiguing. I hope he above articles give you some tips to help you survive this time. As hard as it is, it is equally as beautiful and surely will be over before you know it.

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