How to Breastfeed

Just found out your pregnant and now your wondering “ How to breastfeed”. Right?

Since the birth of the first child, a mother breastfeeding her young has been performed. Lactation is a natural feeding process performed by all mammals.

Yet, in today’s modern society we have complicated this natural process with technical terms and suggested schedules.For most healthy full term infants – suckling at the breast comes without ANY HELP.Here is a video to prove self attachement:

Maybe not 100% correctly but it happens. Very little assistance is needed in most babies.But a few newborns will need some help. Or mommies will need some help. Why? Because gone are the days of women watching other women breastfeed. Our society feels the need to “cover up” while feeding our young. And this simple act of covering or staying home has hindered future moms from experiencing the valuable learning tool: observation and learning by example. Think about it, is it easier to TELL someone how to latch a baby or to SHOW them?In centuries past, women were exposed to breastfeeding through family and friends on a daily basis. So by the time a new mom had her own baby, she had watched a baby being fed at the breast hundreds of times. And the family who nursed gathered around her to provide support in the beginning. In many cultures, this is still common practice. Unfortunately, not in the US.

So what do you do if you are having trouble? A skilled lactation consultant can provide you with support in these situations.And like the old saying goes, “an ounce of prevention….” You can prepare yourself for the task by taking a prenatal breastfeeding class, finding a friend who is lactating and join a breastfeeding support group.

Want to learn more about breast feeding? Here is a great video:

Want to learn more about breastfeeding in an easy to watch DVD? Here is a great one by a board certified lactation consultant.

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