Breastfeeding baby sleeping through the night

by tamara

I would normally nurse every two hours throughout the night but baby has been sleeping through the night for about four nights. What does this do to my supply now that I am going eight hours without nursing? Any suggestions?
Answer from the lactation consultant
Sometime between 3-4 months it is normal for some babies to start sleeping through the night. Are you able to keep up with demand during the day then you need to do nothing. But...
If you wake during the night and are full, there is nothing wrong with waking the baby to nurse. But if you sleep, just nurse her and pump after that first feed if you are still full. At this stage your supply should be able to adjust but if you do notice a drop in supply, then wake at 5-6 hours and pump or nurse to keep the schedule going.
The only other thing is to watch to make sure she is still having 6+ diaper changes per 24 hours and is continuing to gain weight.
If all that is ok, then just count yourself blessed that she is a baby who is sleeping through the night.
Liz Pevytoe, RN, IBCLC

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