3 month old won't stay latched

by Rachel J
(Casa Grande, Arizona)

My baby is 3 months now and up until this point we haven't had any real problems other than my inverted nipple on the left side and forceful letdown on the right. I've fixed that problem with the nipple sheild and she's gained healthy weight and a very happy baby. But within the last 3 days she's been suckling for a couple of seconds rubbing her face back and forth on my breast and losing her latch repeatedly. She doesn't cry either, sometimes she even giggles. It's frustrating during night time feeds when she doesn't relax and we end up both drenched in milk and I'm up every hour or less because she didn't get enough. I've tried taking the nipple sheild off and the results are the same either way. She's soiling about 5-7 diapers/day so I know she's not starving. How long will this last? What can I do to get her to stay latched for longer than 5 mins at a time. At the moment, we're playing the pop on and off game for a stretch of about 10 minutes (that's all we both can take).

Answer from the lactation consultant:
Trying to answer a latch issue via internet with no visual is like playing pin the tail on the donkey. My advice is for you to be seen by a breastfeeding professional as soon as possible so you can be properly assessed.

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