Let-down difficulty when pumping

by Stephanie
(Fort Worth, TX)

I have a 5 week old baby that has been exclusively breast-fed every 2.5 to 3 hours. I struggled with severe engorgement in the beginning and have been pumping 2-3 times during the day and/or night to relieve my full breasts if my baby does not nurse on both sides during a feeding. Until the past few days, I have been able to pump no less than 3 oz from each breast every time I pump. However, the past 2 days when I try to pump my right breast I am getting no more than 1 oz at best. My breast is full so I know it is not due to low supply. When my baby nurses on the right side she is satisfied. I am concerned that it is a let-down issue during pumping and worried that I will not be able to pump an adequate amount once I return to work in the next 2 weeks. Any suggestions?

Answer from the lactation consultant:

You could be using the wrong size flange or you could have a plugged duct. Impossible to say without seeing you.

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