Pain after 9 months of successful breastfeeding

by Hillary
(Keller, Texas)

I have been exclusively breastfeeding my daughter for 9 months and aside from the typical pains in the beginning, I haven't had any issues. All of the sudden in the last week or so, I've experienced excrutiating nipple pain (on my left nipple), that goes deep into my breast during and after a feeding. Sometimes the pain can last a while...and it kind of feels like my breast is on fire. At first I thought it was because my daughter is teething (she just cut her top teeth at the same time). I am at my wits end, because it makes nursing her such a challenge when I'm in so much pain. The right side is fine. Her latch seems fine as well and she has never had an issue latching. Please help!

Answer from the Lactation Consultant:
This is very odd, especially with it being on one breast only.
The discription of the nipple being on fire, sounds like thrush, but it would likely be on both nipples. I am a bit stumped.
I would start by applying cold to the nipples immediately after the feedings. (like a cold wet washcloth). If that does not work, try warm (same thing warm wet washcloth). This is to rule out nipple vasospasms. If this does not work then I need to see you or you need to be seen by another lactation consultant so we can see with our eyes what is going on during and after the feeding.

Hope this helps,
Liz Pevytoe, RN, IBCLC

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