Supplements to boost your supply.

by Noelle
(Barrie, On. Canada)

I'm really trying to get this breast feeding thing down. I'm a first time mother and my baby was in the hospital for the first 3 weeks which kind of had a adverse affect on how much milk i produce. I went to a health food store because ladies at mother care told me there were supplements that could boost my milk supply. I just wanted to double check with a lactation consultant. they recomended fennel seed and blessed thistle both together, along with lots of water and I'v been pumping for 10-15 min after each feed. I just want to confrim that this does help and is safe for my baby. Do you have any advise or is what I'm doing and supplmenting going to help?

Thank you so much. Breast feeding is very imporatnt to me so I appreciate any help or advise you can give

Answer from the lactation consultant
Low milk supply is a very resolvable problem. Go to the link on my main page under FAQ frequently asked questions, for my article on supply and demand.
I can tell you fennel is NOT at the top of my list for milk production, but blessed thistle is as well as fenugreek.

My favorite galacotogue is a product called More Milk Plus Special Blend by Motherlove. It works from every possible angle to improve milk supply.

Unfortunately quality of individual herbs can vary and I have witnessed the best results from Motherlove products.

Please note: I am not a doctor and I always recommend you have all meds ok'ed by your primary care doctor before taking them. Please review the pages on my website about low supply (as directed above) because DEMANDING is the key to getting your supply back NOT supplements.
Liz Pevytoe, RN, IBCLC

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